Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emergency Rooms & Bicycles...

Four stitches and over $1,000.00 later…

Any of you who have met and know my boy, probably aren’t all that surprised to see a blog post such as this. It was bound to happen at some point right?

Actually, this is the second round of stitches for this little dude. The first was a mishap at a fast food restaurant where a missing sign probably wouldn’t have helped Caler, running,  from meeting with a metal corner of a table right above his eye.

After frantically searching for a babysitter unsuccessfully, while I had to work, my momma had graciously accepted the responsibility.  

I knew it wasn’t good after the third phone call. After finishing up a call and entering notes for work, I called her back. I was surprised to hear the sound of worry in my momma’s voice. After calming a VERY worried Myna, I found out what had happened. My little man had split open his lip after taking a spill on his bicycle.

It’s moments like these when I long to be a stay at home momma. I wanted to be there to hold his hand as the doctor worked diligently to stitch his lip, and the six nurses worked just as diligently to keep my nervous son from moving. He was scared and he needed his momma.

I cried. I did, I sat at my desk and I cried the only comfort I took was knowing it was my own momma’s hands he was holding.  The same hands that comforted me when I was hurt.  

A month has passed and now the only scar left is the little line across his bottom lip… OH, and I guess I should mention the concern he has that his lips might be shrinking. But only when he makes that face.

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