Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't blink......

Is it me, or has life suddenly become increasingly more busy as each day goes past?  It seems like just yesterday I was searching my storage shed for winter coats and now I’m packing the kids’ summer gear into plastic sterilite containers.

I’m walking the aisles in grocery stores and department stores and instead of seeing beach balls and swimming attire, I see pumpkins, ghosts, and Santa Claus. Yes… I did indeed say Santa Claus.  As much as Halloween thrills and excites me… I feel a little left in the dust.

Where did Summer go? Am I the only one who feels like life is whooshing past me?   

Elementary School Robbery...

My little "Kingergartner"

The Third Grade Hunk
 Someone alert the authorities.. my babies have been stolen…. At least that’s the story I’m sticking to instead of facing the fact that, as Caler so innocently put it, I don’t have any more little boys.. they’re big boys now. Because every mom should know that that is what Kindergarten means…. No more little boys. As these big boys’ momma I feel robbed. 

The car ride to the Elementary was a rough one (and it wasn’t because of my admitted lack of driving skills).  I had a mix of emotions ranging from pride to paranoia. As the car came to a stop, my realization that this is the very last moment I have with a non-kindergartner. After today he will have started school and I will have let him off into the world.  I’m thankful, though, that in Caler’s world, momma kisses still fix any owie and a kiss on the cheek is still not embarrassing. 

I couldn’t help but reflect on the  happenings of the night before, after a tearful escape from the pool where his little mischievous and naughty side shined through he was whisked home in the arms of his momma while his arms flailed wildly. He, tearless and donned in Phineus and Ferb whitey tighties, stood on the toilet seat to see in the mirror as he brushed his hair after his bath, he stole a  sideways glance my way before returning his beaming face to his reflection saying “Look how big I am getting Momma!”  He smiled as he slipped on his jamma-jammies. He smiled. He smiled with his baby teeth sparkling from the sponge-bob tooth paste he had just used. He smiled with his baby blue eyes glimmering. He smiled with his baby chub cheeks dimpled and all. He smiled. As his Momma, I’m used to his smile melting my heart and sometimes my patience… but this smile was different. This smile was that of an excited and nervous almost-kindergartner.  This was the smile of a baby boy growing up. This smile not only melted my heart but made it smile as well.  

We got out of the car and walked toward the front steps of his Elementary School. He was so proud of his homework tucked safely in his crisp new Phineus & Ferb “pack-pack” and his new dragon shirt with black shorts his Myna bought for him in preparation of this new adventure. He walked with shoulders back and his curly haired head held high. He reached the sidewalk turned and looked back at me and BAM…. My baby boy is growing up and I had just then realized it.

Transformer shirt = check, new Keds with lime green laces = check, Starkiller-like(Star Wars character… a member of the Sith; Darth Vadars secret apprentice) backpack = check…. Looks like all the preparations for Third grade are complete.  Third grade. 

Let me repeat that…third grade. I am the mother of a child who attends the THIRD GRADE! This can’t be possible, I remember my own third grade year and it doesn’t seem that long ago. Ayden is starting a new elementary and that means meeting new friends. He’s such an amazing kid that I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be friends with my all-knowing, Star Wars-fanatic little man. I worry though, that with his fear of other kids and with his shy and humble personality he will sit alone at the lunch table. I know I have no reason to be a worried little momma… but a worried little momma I am.  This third grader is so tender hearted. 

As the crowd of kindergartners loomed in front of us,  Caler and his little kindergarten nerves got the better of him, he let out little bits of worry with questions that nearly shattered my heart.  “What if no one likes me?”  and “What if they push me?”.  Ayden looked at his little brother acknowledging the worries he no doubt felt himself… he put his arm around his best friend and little sidekick and said “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” With tears in my eyes I couldn’t help but let out a little “awww” as I stared in awe of the amazing person Ayden is growing into.  He got embarrassed as he realized I had heard.  His dimples appeared on his reddish cheeks. It was my turn to put my arm around him and tell him how proud I am of the person he is.

 From a robbed Momma, to a worried a VERY PROUD MOMMA!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frankenstein goes to Kindergarten

Photo by: The amazazingly talented Jenn Koontz ( )
My baby. My baby is going to KINDERGARTEN. Folks, I can't believe this! It seems like it was yesterday that he lovingly and longingly gazed after his older brother wanting nothing more than to be able to crawl after Ayden and the tonka truck but being stuck in his bouncy seat. He hasn't stopped the longing he feels to be as big as his older brother. He hasn't stopped chasing after him, and I have no doubt it's a matter of time when Caler is going to be the protector. The warrior. The fearless leader.

He found solace in blankets. All kind of blankets. He'd hold it in his hands and rub it on his chin. He still does this and I lub it! As he grows, I find my own solace in the things that keep him...him. I can't take my eyes away from his intense stare as he searches for bugs and his lightening fast reach snatching up the little creature. I love our Momma nuggles every Saturday morning before Ayden wakes.

My advice for Kindergarten Little Man is this.... stay true to your sweet 5 (almost 6, I know) year old heart. It's perfect. Every piece of you, my sweet feisty little bug.... is perfect! And I, personally, adore your fashion sense. Ties go with everything... including chicken, bug, or shark uniforms. (Wouldn't want to upset the US Government, now would we?)