Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frankenstein goes to Kindergarten

Photo by: The amazazingly talented Jenn Koontz ( )
My baby. My baby is going to KINDERGARTEN. Folks, I can't believe this! It seems like it was yesterday that he lovingly and longingly gazed after his older brother wanting nothing more than to be able to crawl after Ayden and the tonka truck but being stuck in his bouncy seat. He hasn't stopped the longing he feels to be as big as his older brother. He hasn't stopped chasing after him, and I have no doubt it's a matter of time when Caler is going to be the protector. The warrior. The fearless leader.

He found solace in blankets. All kind of blankets. He'd hold it in his hands and rub it on his chin. He still does this and I lub it! As he grows, I find my own solace in the things that keep him...him. I can't take my eyes away from his intense stare as he searches for bugs and his lightening fast reach snatching up the little creature. I love our Momma nuggles every Saturday morning before Ayden wakes.

My advice for Kindergarten Little Man is this.... stay true to your sweet 5 (almost 6, I know) year old heart. It's perfect. Every piece of you, my sweet feisty little bug.... is perfect! And I, personally, adore your fashion sense. Ties go with everything... including chicken, bug, or shark uniforms. (Wouldn't want to upset the US Government, now would we?)

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