Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mi Amiga's... My Friends.. My Light and My Three Way Mirror!

Why should we stand around in lonely shadows when there is so much light around us…. Friends are so often that light.   My FRIENDS are the light in my life that shines for me when I feel like I’ll be stuck in the dark forever. They’re the voices behind me encouraging me with arms outstretched ready to catch me in case I fall.  They’re the shoulder I continue to lean on when I feel like crumbling to the floor. They’re the back bone I need when my spine is limp. They are the voice of reason when I reach for a not so flattering clothing item.

They don’t get mad when my Michael Jackson dance moves nearly break their fingers (I’m still really Sorry, Meg). They are the ones I run to when I am nearly bursting with excitement and I have to tell someone. They can turn a simple restaurant into the most magical place on Earth. They don’t laugh when I repeat the phrase “Oopsie Daisies” five times in a row. They turn the channel when the orphaned puppy commercials come on to save me from tears. They are the ones I can play Chubby Bunny Oreo style with. They are the ones who, when my heart is broken, help me pick up the pieces while trash talking the jerk who broke it.  They make an average pair of shoes into PRICELESS Pink Stiletto’s. They are each different and they are an amazing reminder of how LUCKY I am.