Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy....

Summertime. Blissful. Hot. Lazy. And completely fantastic.

I often find myself gazing dreamily into the distance with visions of barbeque's, Sno Cones, family get-togethers, the cool crisp blue water filling our swimming pool, bike rides, and hiking. I can't help but dream about the ability to stay out late reading on my balcony, letting the summer moon shine on the words lighting the way to my temporary escape.

The kiddo's and I had an adventure with sidewalk chalk. We lived in a fantastic fantasy world, albeit brief, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Dinosaurs roamed and butterflies fluttered around circling airplanes. Where chirping birds flocked around their families and two little boys' imaginations grew wildly.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Absent with no parental excuse...

Well wait a minute... I'm a momma so may I write my own excuse note? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? And (as Caler would put it) whoop cream?

I've been absent lately. Not only with my blog, but also with writing in general. With basically, a lot of things <dramatically sighs as my chin falls to my open palm and a breath escapes my lips to blow the overgrown bangs out of my eyes>.

I promise to get back to my self and my writing soon... until then...

Please excuse Kristal from present-mindedness. And as for the actual excuse... I'm betting Caler or Lola ate it.

X's & O's,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To even out the odds a bit...

If for no other reason than Girls Rule and boys drool (in my house, quite literally). She's a little sweetheart! Our sweet mellow Lola! Who races to the door forgetting the shoe lace she was attacking as soon as she hears us approach.

We love her and her incredible tolerance to being handled and carted around by Caler man. Truth is, she loves it! When she's reached her limit she'll politely meow and if he still won't release her ... she'll let him have it and will live up to her original name "Jaws" or claws rather...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lego Darth Vader is to Ayden what Wilson was to Chuck Noland...


                              If found please contact Ayden
                                                    (801) ***-****

“He’s not just a toy, he’s my best friend and I loved him. That’s why I’m crying, Momma.” – Ayden during the car trip home after Mr. Vader disappeared.
Description of the missing: two inches tall with a black cape covering a scarred plastic face. Black clothes to support the dark side he tends to lead. May attach himself to other plastic pieces using the circles on the bottom of his feet. Operates a Death Star vehicle when traveling. Red light saber may or may not be in his possession. Use extreme caution when approaching. Do not be alarmed if he suggests he's your father...Last seen using the force to light the sky on the 4th of July with fireworks.  If found: please contact a very perturbed and altogether worried Ayden.  
He’s lost. Nowhere to be found. I’m deemed “The worst Momma EVER!” because I refused to drive back to dive through an obscene crowd gathered at Jordan high school and search the large span of grass where Ayden last held onto his little lego Vader.
I am a desperate momma in search of a replacement best friend. Luckily, I am in close proximity to a Toys-R-Us and not stranded on a deserted island watching my 8 year old's 'best friend' drift away to sea. My heart broke when between the tears, Ayden looked up at me and managed to explain to me the reason he was so sad. Between gasps of air, he said the words that tore every heart string attached to my heart ..." There is no replacement momma, he was my best friend..." He was my best friend. BAM! If ever my heart has ripped in half, it was that moment. He was my best friend.
Don't you fret... posters have been made and are ready for posting. So if you happen to find yourself walking on the green grassy hill sprawling out in front of Jordan High School and stumble across a Lego best friend, please keep him in safe keeping.