Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guess who didn't do laundry?....

This Girl!

A glimpse of my minor housekeeping infraction

And…. I also have a sink full to the brim with dirty dishes (rinsed, but not yet washed).  I’m surprisingly calm as I search and search for clothes I know are in the heaping pile consuming a good 75% of my laundry room.  Caler is, however, quite perturbed. He can’t seem to find his “bug” costume and swears it has been buried.  I try to console him as best I can. He looks up and says “But I can’t work for the Government today without my bug costume. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!” Stifling back a giggle, I tell him that I’ll find it and make sure it’s clean for the next day of important US Government business.  Accepting this as a reasonable offer, he scampers away to save the world one dragon and government disaster at a time.

I often find myself pondering the importance of such tasks as laundry and dishes. I’ve come to the conclusion that although they are important and will continue to reproduce at the rate of rabbits until I get around to them, there are two little boys growing at an even faster rate that simply cannot be put out of sight until I "get around" to watching them.  The piles of everything will be there in 5 minutes, but the precious questions, sayings, hugs, giggles, and smiles from these two growing boys won’t.  I don’t want to miss out on another adventure in the life of Special Agent Captain America President Caler D (his new name, so I’ve been informed) nor do I want to miss another fact or figure from the mystifying mind of Ayden the Great! I will 3-Ever put household chores on hold while I busy myself being Momma to the two greatest people I know.

I still get frustrated watching the piles of clothes and dishes accumulate. It’s almost as if I can feel their stare when I reach for my book instead of the detergent. I can hear them whispering words of betrayal while I take a minute (or 60) after the boys fall asleep quieting the silence that takes over my normally rowdy home. They don’t have to stare or whisper for long though, I do actually manage to get them finished without any mold infestation or the stench of dirty laundry seeping from under the laundry room door. 

I have also learned to multi-task… I will have Ayden and Caler sit up to the counter and while they work on homework (ABC’s and Numbers for Mr. Caler man after his US Government work has been completed, of course.) I can rinse and load dishes while keeping an open ear as the kids tell me all about their days, and also be readily available for homework help. ( Although, I can honestly say, when it comes to math questions… I’m usually the student while Ayden quite literally “dumbs it down” for his momma!)

It’s often mentioned children grow too fast and the importance of parents stopping to enjoy their children is necessary, but I don’t think it’s advice that is adhered to enough by parents. It’s easy to succumb to the busy and hectic world.  Life is busy and it’s messy. It’s that simple.  I think priorities have shifted too much to things that won’t matter in the end. My choice is easy and always will be. I choose my sons. I will always choose to listen to Caler’s adventures trudging through the tough work of the US Government or the latest light saber move Ayden has mastered with speed and slightly less grace, over dishes and laundry or whatever else. 

So I had a busy day and my sink is still full of dishes and I'm 99% sure there is a sock monster growing in the laundry pile… so what?  My kids have been fed, they have been read to, snuggled with, wrestled with, they feel cared for and most importantly… they feel safe and LOVED.

Monday, April 18, 2011

KT + AT + CT = LOVE 3ver and ever and ever

The 3 Muskakeers...

3ever and ever ...

and ever!

I was in bed reading last night when I heard the quiet tip-toeing of little toes inching their way to the edge of my bed. They stood there, tipped their heads to the side with pouted lips and tiny voices whispered in unison the words that get to the heart of all parents..."We had bad dreams and we're scared." Caler managed to squeak out, "Yeah, the monsters are in the shadows! We need Monster Spray Momma...the new kind." I walked the sleepy little dudes back into their room and sprayed half a bottle of Monster Spray around their room making sure to spray a heavy dose under their beds. We sang a song, I kissed them goodnight, and I walked out of the room confident the "new" Monster Spray would hold against the devious creatures hiding in shadows and under beds.

It's no mystery that had I taken chemistry in school, I would've failed. The New and Improved 24-hour Monster Spray I worked so diligently on, was a bust. Not 15 minutes later, the sound of my door squealing open alerted me to two scared little boys in need of their Momma.

It was my turn to tip my head to the side, and I smiled at them. Looking relieved, they ran and climbed onto my bed. They dived into the covers, tucking the blankets clear up to their chins. I asked them if they wanted to read to take their minds off of the bad dreams they'd had. They lept up in reply and stopped just short of the dark hall looming in front of them. Turning to me, I could see the question before they spoke it. "Umm Momma, will you get our books for us please?"

We had been reading and escaping monster-filled nightmares for about fifteen minutes when I stopped reading. I closed my book and turned my eyes to my two little boys. Ayden was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid  out loud to Caler, in a big brother voice.  As much as I didn't want to interrupt, I couldn't let the moment pass by. "Do you know how much I love you two? Because it's a lot... I mean it's a whole lot." I said. They turned to me and smiled. Not a silly smile, it was a smile that told my heart that they felt the same. Caler nodded and laid his head on his big brother's chest.

"Yeah Mom, we're like the 3 Musketeers!" Ayden said acknowledging Caler's affection by gently rubbing his back {Caler's favorite thing in the world!}. I smiled and said "Yeah, we are! We'll be 3 Musketeers Forever!".... Ayden pondered this for a minute and quietly he said "3-Ever". Not sure if I had heard is soft voice correctly I said "Hmm?" Ayden smiled and said "Instead of forever it's 3-ever because there are three of us. We're the 3 Musketeers, 3-ever!" With an excited twinkle in Caler's eye, he yelled out "The 3 Muskakeer's 3 Ever!"

Indeed there are 3 of us my wise young ones and you're right.... we'll always be the 3 MUSKAKEERS 3-EVER and ever and ever!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Hundred Dresses

I can’t remember the person that gave this book to me when I was about 9 or 10. If I did, I would have to thank them not only for the book, but also for providing me with the single instrument that opened my eyes to the GIFT of reading. I have always loved this story. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I adored dresses as a child {I downright refused to wear anything but dresses, dance leotards and tutu’s}. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the story spoke to me. I was often the one getting picked on for my baby fat still accompanying me, along with a unique sense of style {I still love knee high tube socks, however, I no longer wear them in public other than a quick run down to the mail box}. Whatever the reason may have been, it remains to this day as my top favorite children's book.

I wasn’t looking for it while rummaging through the magical place known as Barnes and Noble. I just happened to glance down and see the familiar and colorful cover. I quickly lifted the last copy off the display table. Once I held it I couldn’t put it down. In a way it felt like if I had been able to set this book back down onto the table, I would have left a piece of my childhood behind.

I can admit that when I first learned to read, I hated it. It didn’t help that my first grade teacher, however cool he was, would rather us sit in a circle singing along to his guitar than for us to pick up a book. I had trouble comprehending what I was reading because I was racing through the words as fast I could in order to be finished. It was when I opened the cover and began to read the first paragraph of The Hundred Dresses that I truly began to accept reading as the true gift it is. I noticed the beautiful drawings of dresses hung up on a wall and I was intrigued. I wanted to know how the drawings came to be and why they were hanging on the wall. I wanted to know at who’s hands were these pieces of beauty created. I WANTED to read.

I Love that I have been able to provide this example to my boys. There is nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and snuggling up with my two He-Men and diving into a book. To my dismay, they don't quite appreciate The Hundred Dresses, as much as I do. They do, however, Love the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, How To Train Your Dragon {According to Caler, this area is typically handled only by the U.S. Government's Special Agents, something he has personal experience with...}and the book that has recently peaked Ayden's interest? The Lord of the Rings! {Yes, you read that right and yes he's 8. That won't stop him from reading it though.}

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's officially official.... Ayden's Aydenism's have lead us down the path to Asperger's Syndrome testing. It was confirmed on Thursday that Ayden does, in fact, have Aspergers. We finished the first round of testing earlier last week, and will continue with the second testing in the near future. The first round was to basically confirm the presence of Asperger's Syndrome. The second round will be more extensive and will determine the severity. He was a trooper and even enjoyed some parts of the assesment.

I have had a plethera of emotions since learning the reason behind some of Ayden's eccentricities that made me go hmm. At first I was worried that he wouldn't be accepted. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to be everything he needs. Along with those emotions I know I will do nothing less than my best and though it's bound to have it's share of hard times I am ready to be there for Ayden 100 million percent.I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite books... "She had a way of turning OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES"...She  by: Compendium, That's exactly what I intend to do. With some people considering this an Obstacle, I view it as an Opportunity. An opportunity to be the very best Momma I can be. An opportunity to learn and grow stronger. An opportunity to prove not only to myself but especially to Ayden that no matter what life throws at you, and no matter how overwhelming life can be, you can PREVAIL and FLOURISH.

And he will... he will prevail! I have no doubt. I understand that Life is bound to throw situations his way that he won't understand and will sometimes hurt, but I know he'll hold his beautiful head high and smile his Ayden bear smile knowing that he is Ayden. Ayden is all he can be and AYDEN is pretty dang AWESOME.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Multi-tasking...not as awesome as it sounds, being Random is!

Not entirely sure THIS is worth....

THIS! I think I just had a panic attack!

While the cake was baking and dinner was simmering...

I finally got around to hanging up some photo's and such in frames I bought and spruced up a year ago...

{Yes.... I know they aren't completely level, but not too shabby for just using what my mama gave me. I think I'll try this out for a week to see if I'm completely satisfied. I think I'll probably end up switching it up a bit.}

Today, I was motivated. I cleaned, did a few loads of laundry {only had enough laundry detergent for 3 loads. Random thought: Why is laundry detergent the one thing I ALWAYS forget when I ask myself if I forgot anything at the end of a grocery shopping adventure? Probably, because I'm too focused on how bad my feet hurt in the stiletto's I'm wearing. I'll never learn to keep flats in the car at all times!}, I organized the printed photo's I have, sorted through my mountains of books {discovered I purchased two copies of the same book a week apart from one another ....seriously Kristal? Seriously?}, reminded the kiddo's to clean their room several times {I got nothing but blank stares in return by the way.}, babysat my nephew,  tried out my new and improved recipe for Thunder Cake {despite the nice weather, Ayden and I decided we NEEDED to make this cake. I made a caramel and chocolate frosting and topped it off with some caramel chocolate chips in lieu of the traditional chocolate frosting with strawberries}, cooked an awesome chicken Parmesan, and even.... ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  Tonight, I am EXHAUSTED and considering to ignore Motivation next time it decides to poke it's nose into my relaxing weekend! Looking forward to laying in my comfy bed surrounded by the thought-ambiance of circus life as I read "Water for Elephants".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Momma's favorite Clock has a run in with a tennis ball

Caler's Gun Show

An Unfortunate "Oopsie Daisies"

My clock... my poor poor clock didn't stand a chance when it went up against Caler and his arm. I imagine the clock shuddered at the mere sight of my little tennis-ball-throwing Special Agent, knowing it held a doomed fate at the hands of a 5  year old.  The sound of shattering glass followed by "Tell Mom it was an accident!" are words a mother never really wants to hear at any time. At  6:00 am, however, it's particularly rough on ones outlook for the day. Ayden then said "That was momma's favorite." I know now that it wasn't a shattered window or picture frame...it's my clock. Panic stricken, I rushed to make sure all appendages and tactile members attached to said appendages were still intact. To my relief... they were. No blood or tears were present either, and as I stood to face these clock wrecking savages, their eyes took on those of Puss in Boots from "Shrek". Caler spoke to me first ..."But, Moaoom it was just an Oopsie Daisies. I proamisse <eyelashes batting and a grin to boot>". At this point, I felt a number of emotions. I felt sadness over the clock, frustration that our family rule 'No throwing in the house' was broken , and sympathy for the two little boys who have been stuck inside our tiny apartment all Winter long. The clock was broken. It was 6:00am. I was tired.... so after a stern talk and a review of our family rules we went along with our morning and Momma's favorite clock is chalked up as a loss.

And To a worried Caler I promised I wouldn't mention any of this to his superiors at the U.S. Government. . .

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LOVE... and Monster Spray

Ayden Travis {3 months}

Caler D {8 months}
Ok I dare you....no DOUBLE dare you to not smile at these two cheek-pinchable babies at their babiest!
The first photo is baby Ayden. The night that photo was taken Ayden was beyond grumpy {thank you Dad, for capturing this moment....even though I was less than grateful toward you and your invading camera}! My child had had enough and wasn't satisfied until he finished telling me all about how difficult it was to be 3 months old. I was barely 19 years old and had no real idea how to care for a baby, and yet, I did and I loved it.

There was something else that was born the day Ayden was. It was Love. Love. Love for ten tiny fingers and toes. Love for a head of pitch black hair. Love for the smile he gave me as they laid my perfect little man into my arms for the first time {even if the smile was only gas related, and yes, he LOVES this story now that he's 8!) Love for two endless eyes gazing at me soaking me in and while I soaked back. I knew I could never love anyone more than I Loved him. . .

Then came my mister Caler D... that sly, mischievous, and carefree little boy. He opened my eyes and gave me a new meaning for the expression bouncing baby boy. He arrived and my Love grew bigger.... His cute little squished face was quite the opposite of the smiling newborn Ayden. I realized then that I had been wrong... I could, in fact, Love someone as much as I loved Ayden. Love for his cute little squishy old man face. Love for his teeny tiny feet. Love for his two endless eyes gazing at me soaking me in while I soaked back.

The Love that I have for these two very different little boys grows deeper and fuller every day. We're faced with challenges everyday (even as I'm typing.... there seems to be a monster lurking under Caler's bed. I'm contemplating on how to proceed with inventing a new and improved 24 hour Monster Spray. Caler is under the impression that our Monster Spray lasts for an unimpressive 10 minutes. How's that for a challenge?). And yet.... we manage to strum along day to day. I'm certain that the LOVE we have for eachother is what guides us to find the courage and strength to meet our challenges with a brave face and a full supply of Challenge Spray (the 24 hour kind!)....

Now this Superhero Momma is off to find the magic 24 hour formula to keep Monsters, Bad Guys, Vampires, Werewolves, Tigers, Bears, and Girls (for at least 25 more years) at bay.....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A birthday party, 3 boys, a bounce house.... and I made it out alive!

We were invited to Caler's friend Brian's birthday party today. I was a little apprehensive about attending, because I had not only my two boys but I had my friend's little man with us also. But, like any superhero... I viewed this as a challenge. And Super hero's never turn away from challenge.

We were met by a HUGE bounce house with an attached slide. The boys nearly ripped clothing in order to get out of the car. I wrestled with my own door in order to remind the trio to greet and thank the birthday boy before anything else.

Us parents stood by with hands close to our hearts and gasped at each kid collision that we swore was going to end in broken bones, tears or both. We nervously giggled as the kids poked their smiling faces up from behind the plastic barriers to say "MOM, that was SO cool, did you see that?"...( Yes dear, we saw that and we'll get back to you about how cool that was when our hearts jump back out of our stomach. )

As much fun as we had while we were there (which was a ton!) we were met with a few battles throughout...

Battle #1: Momma: "Please don't take your pointy edged transformer into the bounce house, it could pop the house and you could suffocate." Caler, with glazed eyes looks as if I just spoke Chinese, recovers quickly by saying: "But Mooaooom, this is my favorite toy ever!" You parents all know that line. It can be interpretted as "I don't have a valid argument, but you're crazy if you think I'll give in this easily to your mean request <sticks out tongue>".  Momma: " Well, the choice is yours, but just know that if you take that toy into the bounce house, I will climb in after you and catch you. And when I catch you, you will lose the privilege of playing in this bounce house."  Caler remembers just then, that it's not in fact his favorite toy and hands over his pointy edged bounce house destroyer. Victory is tasting sweet!

Battle #2: Ayden (from the top of the slide, holds his arm): "Mooaooom, Caler kicked me." I can see it in his puppy dog eyes that he's not really hurt, but looking for an excuse to get his little bro into trouble and thrown out of the bounce house. Momma: "Are you bleeding?" Ayden: "But Mooaooom, he really kicked me." My thoughts confirmed, Momma replies: "I'm sure it was an accident, and I'm sorry you were kicked. Go play." Ayden: "I don't really think it was an accident." He's not going to let this go... Momma: "Caler? Did you kick Ayden?" Caler pops his cute chubby cheeked face up from the bottom of the slide: "Huh?" Ayden: "Well, I thought he kicked me when he went down the slide." He retreats then, knowing that his attempts at being mean have been squashed. 

Battle #3: Momma: "Please clean up your area, make sure that your finished plates make their way to the garbage ok?" A & C nod their heads and jump up from their seats tossing their plates in the direction of the garbage can...but missing it by a mile! Momma: "Ummm, not even close folks. Let's try that again." Ayden: "Oh, Oopsie Daisies can you pick it up? Thanks." Even though deep down I loved that he said my signature phrase...Oopsie Daisies wasn't going to pick up any plates. Momma: "Nice try, you guys get back here and put your plates where they belong. Caler: "But Mooaooom (Caler's signature phrase), please can you just do it for us?" Momma: "It took you longer to complain than it would have to pick up the plates in the first place, now please march your bums back here and pick up the plates. Please." With a heavy hesitation and low whiny murmers the plates were put into the garbage can.

Yes, Victory is sweet.... however, each Victory comes with a few defeats. Sometimes willpower is no match to shining bright smiles from my two favorite dudes. Those two favorite little dudes each got 5 extra minutes of playtime and an extra cup cake before we headed home.

I was certain the kidlets would be tuckered out and would succomb to watching a movie with popcorn on the couch without a peep. Not a chance!!!! It is now 9:31pm (an hour past the two little stinkers' beditime) and only 1 is out cold.  Luck happens to be on my side, however, and the little one who's met his rough-housing-boyness quota for the day is Caler Man!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn390XuenMw  (This video is not of the kids, but this it reminded me of our bounce house adventure.)