Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Hundred Dresses

I can’t remember the person that gave this book to me when I was about 9 or 10. If I did, I would have to thank them not only for the book, but also for providing me with the single instrument that opened my eyes to the GIFT of reading. I have always loved this story. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I adored dresses as a child {I downright refused to wear anything but dresses, dance leotards and tutu’s}. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the story spoke to me. I was often the one getting picked on for my baby fat still accompanying me, along with a unique sense of style {I still love knee high tube socks, however, I no longer wear them in public other than a quick run down to the mail box}. Whatever the reason may have been, it remains to this day as my top favorite children's book.

I wasn’t looking for it while rummaging through the magical place known as Barnes and Noble. I just happened to glance down and see the familiar and colorful cover. I quickly lifted the last copy off the display table. Once I held it I couldn’t put it down. In a way it felt like if I had been able to set this book back down onto the table, I would have left a piece of my childhood behind.

I can admit that when I first learned to read, I hated it. It didn’t help that my first grade teacher, however cool he was, would rather us sit in a circle singing along to his guitar than for us to pick up a book. I had trouble comprehending what I was reading because I was racing through the words as fast I could in order to be finished. It was when I opened the cover and began to read the first paragraph of The Hundred Dresses that I truly began to accept reading as the true gift it is. I noticed the beautiful drawings of dresses hung up on a wall and I was intrigued. I wanted to know how the drawings came to be and why they were hanging on the wall. I wanted to know at who’s hands were these pieces of beauty created. I WANTED to read.

I Love that I have been able to provide this example to my boys. There is nothing I love more than coming home after a long day and snuggling up with my two He-Men and diving into a book. To my dismay, they don't quite appreciate The Hundred Dresses, as much as I do. They do, however, Love the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid, How To Train Your Dragon {According to Caler, this area is typically handled only by the U.S. Government's Special Agents, something he has personal experience with...}and the book that has recently peaked Ayden's interest? The Lord of the Rings! {Yes, you read that right and yes he's 8. That won't stop him from reading it though.}

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  1. I had no idea that book gave you a love of reading. Do you remember my mom giving a copy of the book for all of us in our Merrie Miss primary class one Sunday?