Thursday, April 7, 2011

Momma's favorite Clock has a run in with a tennis ball

Caler's Gun Show

An Unfortunate "Oopsie Daisies"

My clock... my poor poor clock didn't stand a chance when it went up against Caler and his arm. I imagine the clock shuddered at the mere sight of my little tennis-ball-throwing Special Agent, knowing it held a doomed fate at the hands of a 5  year old.  The sound of shattering glass followed by "Tell Mom it was an accident!" are words a mother never really wants to hear at any time. At  6:00 am, however, it's particularly rough on ones outlook for the day. Ayden then said "That was momma's favorite." I know now that it wasn't a shattered window or picture's my clock. Panic stricken, I rushed to make sure all appendages and tactile members attached to said appendages were still intact. To my relief... they were. No blood or tears were present either, and as I stood to face these clock wrecking savages, their eyes took on those of Puss in Boots from "Shrek". Caler spoke to me first ..."But, Moaoom it was just an Oopsie Daisies. I proamisse <eyelashes batting and a grin to boot>". At this point, I felt a number of emotions. I felt sadness over the clock, frustration that our family rule 'No throwing in the house' was broken , and sympathy for the two little boys who have been stuck inside our tiny apartment all Winter long. The clock was broken. It was 6:00am. I was tired.... so after a stern talk and a review of our family rules we went along with our morning and Momma's favorite clock is chalked up as a loss.

And To a worried Caler I promised I wouldn't mention any of this to his superiors at the U.S. Government. . .

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