Monday, April 18, 2011

KT + AT + CT = LOVE 3ver and ever and ever

The 3 Muskakeers...

3ever and ever ...

and ever!

I was in bed reading last night when I heard the quiet tip-toeing of little toes inching their way to the edge of my bed. They stood there, tipped their heads to the side with pouted lips and tiny voices whispered in unison the words that get to the heart of all parents..."We had bad dreams and we're scared." Caler managed to squeak out, "Yeah, the monsters are in the shadows! We need Monster Spray Momma...the new kind." I walked the sleepy little dudes back into their room and sprayed half a bottle of Monster Spray around their room making sure to spray a heavy dose under their beds. We sang a song, I kissed them goodnight, and I walked out of the room confident the "new" Monster Spray would hold against the devious creatures hiding in shadows and under beds.

It's no mystery that had I taken chemistry in school, I would've failed. The New and Improved 24-hour Monster Spray I worked so diligently on, was a bust. Not 15 minutes later, the sound of my door squealing open alerted me to two scared little boys in need of their Momma.

It was my turn to tip my head to the side, and I smiled at them. Looking relieved, they ran and climbed onto my bed. They dived into the covers, tucking the blankets clear up to their chins. I asked them if they wanted to read to take their minds off of the bad dreams they'd had. They lept up in reply and stopped just short of the dark hall looming in front of them. Turning to me, I could see the question before they spoke it. "Umm Momma, will you get our books for us please?"

We had been reading and escaping monster-filled nightmares for about fifteen minutes when I stopped reading. I closed my book and turned my eyes to my two little boys. Ayden was reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid  out loud to Caler, in a big brother voice.  As much as I didn't want to interrupt, I couldn't let the moment pass by. "Do you know how much I love you two? Because it's a lot... I mean it's a whole lot." I said. They turned to me and smiled. Not a silly smile, it was a smile that told my heart that they felt the same. Caler nodded and laid his head on his big brother's chest.

"Yeah Mom, we're like the 3 Musketeers!" Ayden said acknowledging Caler's affection by gently rubbing his back {Caler's favorite thing in the world!}. I smiled and said "Yeah, we are! We'll be 3 Musketeers Forever!".... Ayden pondered this for a minute and quietly he said "3-Ever". Not sure if I had heard is soft voice correctly I said "Hmm?" Ayden smiled and said "Instead of forever it's 3-ever because there are three of us. We're the 3 Musketeers, 3-ever!" With an excited twinkle in Caler's eye, he yelled out "The 3 Muskakeer's 3 Ever!"

Indeed there are 3 of us my wise young ones and you're right.... we'll always be the 3 MUSKAKEERS 3-EVER and ever and ever!


  1. Love it. Seriously... That is Hallmark worthy!! SOOOO cute. Love the suggestion of reading to clear their mind from monsters too!! You're such a good mom!!

  2. I die! What sweet little spirits. It's amazing how life's little moments wash away the drab that life tries to throw at us. Thank goodness for our little blessings that are wrapped up in dirt, trucks, super heros and craziness! Beautiful pics as well :)