Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LOVE... and Monster Spray

Ayden Travis {3 months}

Caler D {8 months}
Ok I dare you....no DOUBLE dare you to not smile at these two cheek-pinchable babies at their babiest!
The first photo is baby Ayden. The night that photo was taken Ayden was beyond grumpy {thank you Dad, for capturing this moment....even though I was less than grateful toward you and your invading camera}! My child had had enough and wasn't satisfied until he finished telling me all about how difficult it was to be 3 months old. I was barely 19 years old and had no real idea how to care for a baby, and yet, I did and I loved it.

There was something else that was born the day Ayden was. It was Love. Love. Love for ten tiny fingers and toes. Love for a head of pitch black hair. Love for the smile he gave me as they laid my perfect little man into my arms for the first time {even if the smile was only gas related, and yes, he LOVES this story now that he's 8!) Love for two endless eyes gazing at me soaking me in and while I soaked back. I knew I could never love anyone more than I Loved him. . .

Then came my mister Caler D... that sly, mischievous, and carefree little boy. He opened my eyes and gave me a new meaning for the expression bouncing baby boy. He arrived and my Love grew bigger.... His cute little squished face was quite the opposite of the smiling newborn Ayden. I realized then that I had been wrong... I could, in fact, Love someone as much as I loved Ayden. Love for his cute little squishy old man face. Love for his teeny tiny feet. Love for his two endless eyes gazing at me soaking me in while I soaked back.

The Love that I have for these two very different little boys grows deeper and fuller every day. We're faced with challenges everyday (even as I'm typing.... there seems to be a monster lurking under Caler's bed. I'm contemplating on how to proceed with inventing a new and improved 24 hour Monster Spray. Caler is under the impression that our Monster Spray lasts for an unimpressive 10 minutes. How's that for a challenge?). And yet.... we manage to strum along day to day. I'm certain that the LOVE we have for eachother is what guides us to find the courage and strength to meet our challenges with a brave face and a full supply of Challenge Spray (the 24 hour kind!)....

Now this Superhero Momma is off to find the magic 24 hour formula to keep Monsters, Bad Guys, Vampires, Werewolves, Tigers, Bears, and Girls (for at least 25 more years) at bay.....


  1. Love it!! First of all welcome to the blogging world!! Second of all i love your writing style!! It's awesome! I am excited to hear about your adventures!!

  2. Yay!!! I am so excited. I can't wait to hear more of your little families adventures.
    You are an amazing Mooooaoooom :)