Saturday, April 2, 2011

A birthday party, 3 boys, a bounce house.... and I made it out alive!

We were invited to Caler's friend Brian's birthday party today. I was a little apprehensive about attending, because I had not only my two boys but I had my friend's little man with us also. But, like any superhero... I viewed this as a challenge. And Super hero's never turn away from challenge.

We were met by a HUGE bounce house with an attached slide. The boys nearly ripped clothing in order to get out of the car. I wrestled with my own door in order to remind the trio to greet and thank the birthday boy before anything else.

Us parents stood by with hands close to our hearts and gasped at each kid collision that we swore was going to end in broken bones, tears or both. We nervously giggled as the kids poked their smiling faces up from behind the plastic barriers to say "MOM, that was SO cool, did you see that?"...( Yes dear, we saw that and we'll get back to you about how cool that was when our hearts jump back out of our stomach. )

As much fun as we had while we were there (which was a ton!) we were met with a few battles throughout...

Battle #1: Momma: "Please don't take your pointy edged transformer into the bounce house, it could pop the house and you could suffocate." Caler, with glazed eyes looks as if I just spoke Chinese, recovers quickly by saying: "But Mooaooom, this is my favorite toy ever!" You parents all know that line. It can be interpretted as "I don't have a valid argument, but you're crazy if you think I'll give in this easily to your mean request <sticks out tongue>".  Momma: " Well, the choice is yours, but just know that if you take that toy into the bounce house, I will climb in after you and catch you. And when I catch you, you will lose the privilege of playing in this bounce house."  Caler remembers just then, that it's not in fact his favorite toy and hands over his pointy edged bounce house destroyer. Victory is tasting sweet!

Battle #2: Ayden (from the top of the slide, holds his arm): "Mooaooom, Caler kicked me." I can see it in his puppy dog eyes that he's not really hurt, but looking for an excuse to get his little bro into trouble and thrown out of the bounce house. Momma: "Are you bleeding?" Ayden: "But Mooaooom, he really kicked me." My thoughts confirmed, Momma replies: "I'm sure it was an accident, and I'm sorry you were kicked. Go play." Ayden: "I don't really think it was an accident." He's not going to let this go... Momma: "Caler? Did you kick Ayden?" Caler pops his cute chubby cheeked face up from the bottom of the slide: "Huh?" Ayden: "Well, I thought he kicked me when he went down the slide." He retreats then, knowing that his attempts at being mean have been squashed. 

Battle #3: Momma: "Please clean up your area, make sure that your finished plates make their way to the garbage ok?" A & C nod their heads and jump up from their seats tossing their plates in the direction of the garbage can...but missing it by a mile! Momma: "Ummm, not even close folks. Let's try that again." Ayden: "Oh, Oopsie Daisies can you pick it up? Thanks." Even though deep down I loved that he said my signature phrase...Oopsie Daisies wasn't going to pick up any plates. Momma: "Nice try, you guys get back here and put your plates where they belong. Caler: "But Mooaooom (Caler's signature phrase), please can you just do it for us?" Momma: "It took you longer to complain than it would have to pick up the plates in the first place, now please march your bums back here and pick up the plates. Please." With a heavy hesitation and low whiny murmers the plates were put into the garbage can.

Yes, Victory is sweet.... however, each Victory comes with a few defeats. Sometimes willpower is no match to shining bright smiles from my two favorite dudes. Those two favorite little dudes each got 5 extra minutes of playtime and an extra cup cake before we headed home.

I was certain the kidlets would be tuckered out and would succomb to watching a movie with popcorn on the couch without a peep. Not a chance!!!! It is now 9:31pm (an hour past the two little stinkers' beditime) and only 1 is out cold.  Luck happens to be on my side, however, and the little one who's met his rough-housing-boyness quota for the day is Caler Man!  (This video is not of the kids, but this it reminded me of our bounce house adventure.)

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