Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Conversations I have with my almost ten year old...

Caler – “Momma you’re so beautiful”
Momma – “Awe, buddy I love when you use nice words!”
Ayden – “Don’t believe him Momma, he just wants to use your phone.”

Ayden – “Did you know the square root of 9 is…”
Momma – My eyes glaze over and I nod my head

Ayden – “The name of Google came from a misspelling of the word googol, which is a very, very large number (the number one followed by one hundred zero’s to be exact).”
Momma – “Did you google Google again bud?”
Ayden – “I may or may not have typed the letters g o o g l e into the search engine titled Google”

Ayden – “Were you aware that you did not come to a complete three second stop at the stop sign Momma?”
Momma – “Err…”
Ayden – “If I were a cop I’d have pulled you over.”

Ayden – “Hey Momma – Forty is the only number that has all it’s letters in alphabetical order.”
Momma – Five minutes later – “Oh my gosh, you’re right!”
Ayden – “I know.”


Ayden – “An icosogon is a shape with 20 sides.”
Momma – “I love that you love math kiddo. If we were in school together, I’d totally let you do my math homework.”
Ayden – “I wouldn’t let you, that would be cheating.”

Ayden – “A three dimensional parallelogram is called a parallelepiped.”

Ayden – “Momma… Caler is climbing the railing again. I wonder what he’s going to do when he discovers he’s not the real Spiderman?”

Ayden – “Girls are so gross Mom! They always ask me out. Gross!”
Momma – “It’s because you’re so handsome!”
Ayden – “No it’s because I told them I was getting an iPod touch for my birthday.”

Ayden – “When I grow up, I want to be just like Steve Jobs.”
5 minutes later…
Ayden – “Can I get Steve Jobs’ biography for my birthday?”

Ayden – “Can I play on your phone?”
Momma – “Not right now kiddo, I’m texting.”
Ayden – “Can I play on your Nook?”
Momma – “Why don’t you go play outside? Ride your bike or build a fort?”
Ayden – “Nah, I’m more of a computer and video game kind of guy.”

Momma – “I love you Ayden!”
Ayden – blushes and smiles showing off his sweet dimple (he’s probably not going to like that I mentioned that…)

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