Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Because I'm the Momma...

·         I get to say Because I said so
·         I get to clean off the toilet seat…
·         I get to kiss their owies better
·         I get to relearn division, exponents, & fractions
·         I now have an excuse for the times I’m caught watching the morning cartoons
·         I get to read them fairytales and other stories, and steal a glimpse of the wonder and magic in their eyes
·         I’m the one they want when they have bad dreams
·         I get to say no
·         I have their hearts forever locked in mine
·         I get to watch as the world prepares itself for these two brave boys
·         I get to sew patches on the knees of their jeans
·         I’m the one who gets to hear both sides of the story, most often two very different sides of the story
·         I get the momma “nuggles” (snuggling)
·         I get to explain to a perturbed teacher how my boy learned the art of break dancing.
·         I get to read stories to keep the bad dreams away
·         I get to hear their dreams big or small for now or for the future
·         I get to make sure they know girls have coodies until they’re 99
·         I‘m their example
·         I get to make blanket forts with them while pretending to be pirates, ninja’s, or Star Wars characters
·         I get to discover that dirt and mud are not as gross as I had imagined them to be
·         I get to learn how to wrestle
·         I’m the one they tell the stories of their days to
·         I get to feel little arms around my waist or neck that assure me that I am loved
·         I get to swear at a staring wal mart patrons (still sorry about that…)
·         I get four extra hands at the grocery store
·         I get to be thankful every second of every day for the two little lives I’ve been trusted with
·         I get to watch them grow into amazing and thoughtful gentlemen a little more each day
·         I get to be the momma of a US Government employee
·         I get to wash mountains and mountains of laundry
·         I get to buy chocolate milk
·         I’m the one who is always “it” while playing hide and seek
·         I’m the one that will love them forever
·         And I’m the one that will always be their momma

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