Monday, May 6, 2013


To sleep or not to sleep? The answer should be simple. Sleep. Right?

Well, life has me stressed out a bit lately the only remedy to my sleep deprivation has been the green liquid sleep inducer.

I take it so that I can not only function the next day, but also so that my grumpiness is kept at a minimum. It sometimes works J

The problem with Nyquil is that it brings out some kind of crazy. My NyQuil dreams are warped and feel so real I swear they’ve actually happened. Except that… I’m no longer in the Amazon, no longer surrounded by the lush green foliage. The sticky air does not cling to my clothing and does not cause the effort of breathing to feel like suffocating. The murky water does not camouflage the slithering snakes lurking just beneath the ripples. My boys are no longer threatened by the coiling wires of spitting cobra’s that pop out of the sand as we run away from the giant gummy worm Anaconda who has wrapped itself around the entire circumference of the lake. No longer can I see the red mixed with yellow mixed with orange sugary concoction gliding its way through the moist bushes to where the boys and I picnic. I can no longer feel the threat of its thoughts lingering on how delicious a meal we humans would make.

And that my friends, is why I don't trust Nyquil...

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