Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A list of things you should probably NOT do while running...

·         Take selfies.
·         Forget that you have music ADD and change the song every 15 seconds
·         Take random pictures because you’re sick of running (it’s ok if the scenery is beautiful)
·         Call your sister, friends, and Dad because you’re bored
·         Thirty second dance parties… wait…no… DO that…
·         Make Helium video’s
·         Post above mentioned helium video’s on Facebook and group message them to friends
·         Wear a thong…
·         You read that right.
·         Try to download new music
·         Wave back to the low-rider trucks… they stop and it gets kinda awkward
·         Sing out loud to rap songs (although, I have to say I think it's safe to say I'm a dang good rapper)
·         Wear three shirts, one is probably more appropriate
·         Use the last of your Mace to ward off a spider the size of China
·         Forget to use map my run to remember where you are and where you end up…  (unless you aren’t as directionally challenged as I am).
·         Play 4 pics 1 word (street signs come out of NOWHERE)!

In the name of self preservation I need a running partner… even if all you do is drive next to me throwing full-size cheeto’s in my general direction.


  1. I'd be your running partner, but it would be more like run a few steps, stop to breate, then walk, then try running a few steps, stop to get the idea.