Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's a boy without his birdie...

Photo's by: Ayden

Lovin on his Birdie

And we’re not talking little fingers here folks (although, admittedly, I’m a bit surprised myself).

Nope we’re talking the real kind of birdies. The ones who chirp, fly, and poop on my car windshield and door handle (they never miss…)

My little men discovered a baby bird. Their little hands nurtured this baby and searched and searched for her momma. Upon discovering the little momma was missing (or “out searching for baby bird food” as Caler so innocently speculated), these boys took the little lady under their wing.

This bird was spoiled in the most loving of ways. With a name so affectionately selected from the their favorite game MineCraft, how could ‘Creeper’ not feel the love.  The boys carefully prepared a basket for Creeper to sleep in. Filled with freshly picked grass and a napkin blanket (in case she needed to cuddle or if she was too cold during the night).

Feeling a little scared with too many people gawking at her, she ran with lightening speed into the crook of Ayden’s arm and nuzzled her body in to him. Relaxed and calm, she stayed there.

With her chosen spot tucked in between the two lawn chairs on the deck, a spot lovingly picked to protect Creeper from harm, the boys tucked her in for the night.

Caler man’s momma radar must have been blaring in his ear, because sometime during the night he tiptoed out of the room. He tiptoed over the tiled floor and slid open the heavy sliding glass door.
His little hands reached for the basket still tucked into the safety of the chairs. He tucked Creepers basket under his arm and tiptoed back into the security of his blankets. Creeper spent the rest of the night nestled against Calers sleeping body.  Safe and sound. Sound and safe.

The sun rose and our morning routine went off without a hitch. No arguing. No need for second warnings to get out of bed. No sleepy eyes staring at me blankly. Walking out the door, I noticed Caler clinging to his “pack-pack” with a little more care than usual. Late. We were running late, so we hustled to the car.

It was noon when I got the call.

I picked up my men from school. Caler looked at me and said “But Mom, you make me go to school and you’re a good momma. Creeper is 7, like me… so she needs school to.” This caused Ayden to erupt into a fit of giggles… the kind that show off his sweet dimple.

I think they’ll be alright…


  1. Oh my gosh! That's adorable. Hopefully Creeper is still safe and sound after her trip to school.

  2. I can only hope my little man is as caring as your Caler. That is such an adorable event.

  3. HAHAHA Oh Caler! I love that he wanted it to go to school. If the birdie survived the slumber party, it probably surived school!! Cute boys... cute!