Friday, December 21, 2012

Thongs & Coffee... in that particular order.

It had been a long night. So a piping hot, sweet, caffeine-injected beverage is what was going to happen before I could manage to make it in to my office.

I hopped out of my car and raced in to the beautiful establishment known as Starbucks.  Every single customer was staring at either the menu board or their smart phone. Not wanting to feel left out I, too, stared at my smart phone pretending to be doing something very important. It wasn’t 3 or 4 minutes of waiting patiently in line that I felt a small tap on my shoulder.  Surprised, I turned toward the tapper. He hesitated a moment before saying this:

I’m sorry to bother you Miss, but you have a thong stuck to your shirt. I thought it’d be inappropriate if I took it off and handed it to you.”

(and yes Momma, I’m referring to the shoe…)

I blushed, not that this should surprise anyone. I blush if I even so much as hear my name said out loud. I should have ran out of the store embarrassed. I didn’t. I tucked my (clean) thong in my purse and waited in line until it was my turn to order.

My white chocolate mocha with extra whipped cream was fabulous, thank you for asking.

**** later that day ****

It was lunch time and after enjoying some much needed Sushi and losing myself in a book for 45 minutes, I went to the register pay my bill.  I approached the counter and handed the cashier my ticket. As he typed away, I pulled out my wallet and that dang thong had attached itself to the wallet! Deciding to release itself, I could do little as I watched it fly a few feet and land on the ground in front of their appropriately decorated Christmas tree. The sweet Japanese man pretended not to notice, but his face grew a deeper shade of red as each second passed and my thong lay out in the wide open.  I nearly dived to pick it up. I shoved that thong back down into my luggage size purse and to make matters worse I said “Please excuse that. I forgot those were in there.” 

I’m fairly certain they were talking about me in Japanese… and not in a polite-what an awesome girl-kind of way.

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