Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Wonderful Christmas time...

My kiddo's gave me the most amazing gift EVER... they let me sleep til 8:23! It was glorious and magical and everything I'd dreamed of!

I hope all of your Christmas's were beautiful and spent with the ones you love most.

Here's a peak into what Christmas looked like for us.

1.) My beautiful babies bought me a lovely book called 'Bloom" By: Kelle Hampton. They know how much I adore her blog . It's chalked full of inspiration drawn from the unexpected moments in life. She chooses to embrace the beauty that comes from life experiences when others might opt not to... her story is beautiful and full of growth.

2.) My music baby got his wish.. a guitar! He, being the fast learner he is, has already picked up on quite a few chords. I can't wait to watch his talent bloom and flourish. And I hope his hands stay little and chubby. I just love chubby kid hands!

3.) "OH MY GOSH MOM!! SANTA GAVE ME A MINI I-PAD!!! I knew he was real! Because you are way tooo poor to buy this!!!"  - Caler says to me with a grin as big as China! It's not a mini iPad. It's actually, a $50 7"tablet I scored late late LATE on Black Friday ( I didn't even need to take a Xanex to help me get through the hustle and bustle of shopping on that terrible day I dislike passionately.)

4.) My sweet SWEET family! Oh how I love you! Christmas Eve night was spent with my cousins who emanate and live the word Family. They truly make my heart smile and I love them so very very much! This is Santa (aka: my Auntie Tina). The loving big guy stopped by to spread Christmas cheer to the sweet babies who were being so very patient.

5.) Myna & Papa gave my kidlets remote control MONSTER TRUCKS. I mean how AWESOME!!! I can't wait to play... I mean watch the kids play with these things!!!

6 & 7.) Starting a new tradition this year, my boys and I wrapped and bundled our way to the Olympic Oval to skate our hearts out! And we did just that. I won't forget the way my pigeon-toed seven year old ran across the ice Fred Flinstone style. I shall call him twinkle toes and he shall be mine three-ever and ever.

Ayden took to Hockey Skates as if he was born with them. ( He wasn't... trust me I was there.) Proudly with his chest high he said " Hey mom! Watch me! look at how amazing I am!" And he is. He is amazing.

8.) Ayden is also an artist. A very very shy but very very talented artist. I think it's his Asperger's that contributes to his attention to the very last detail. I love it and I can't wait to hang his art on every wall in our home.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!

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