Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Momma Movement...

Does this look familiar to anyone? Just me??? I don't think so. Be honest Momma's. Perhaps you see this scene (or one very similar) on your way home from the department store or even (and most often) from the grocery store? You know those times I’m speaking of… arms flailing out of the cart reaching for anything their tiny hands can grab. Items knocked off the shelf as they laugh mischievously amongst themselves. And, if your children are anything like mine, they've decided the middle of the isle makes a great WWE Raw stage.

You hold your ground, leave the store, with or without purchasing, and the drive home looks like the photo above. The words “momma, MOM, MOMMMMMMY, MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM” reaching a higher octave than ever imagined as each second passes. Upon arriving home you check the mirror to see that your hair has taken on the look of a Pomeranian puppy and it’s only 10:00 am (maybe that’s just me).  

You're a frazzled momma and all you really want is a maid, a nanny, a cook, a personal assistant, Dr. Shepard to give you a back massage, and a Dr. Pepper.

I’m a huge believer in rewards for good behavior and after surviving a traumatic trip to the store… I think we Momma's deserve a HUGE reward. And by HUGE, I mean 5 minutes of Momma time (let's be honest... as momma's that's a lot). I’ve decided to call this the momma movement. So to all you frustrated (at times) Momma’s… let’s band together and each take 5 minutes out of our day to eat chocolate, drink a Dr. Pepper, read a paragraph or two in our book, or do something just for us to celebrate our awesome selves. It’s time for a Momma movement.

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