Saturday, September 21, 2013


This happens to not only characterize my boy, but it's the name of my boy's pet Horny Toad. (It's actually a lizard... which confuses me.)

Silly lives in a plastic aquarium found at the local thrift shop. It was one of those things that moms agree too... that backfires. One that starts off like this:

"Yes my love bug?"
"If there is an aquarium at the store that's just a dollar, can I get it for my pet lizard or turtle?" - He asks with that little voice of his that melts my heart. (Unless he's throwing a tantrum - then it's the worst noise on the face of the planet. Comparable to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels' "Most annoying sound in the world". I speak facts here folks... it's dreadful!)
"Yes my love, you may. We'll wander around a bit and look to see if we can find a cage." - Famous Last Words

It was a dollar. And I had given my word. It came home with us.

My sweet friend had found this little guy wandering the desert sand. He scooped him up and thought of the perfect little care taker for this spikey little dude.

And indeed he is the best little caretaker. He builds forts in the sand for the little guy to sun bathe. He helps finds harvester ants to feed his hungry little tummy. He talks to Silly in a voice he usually reserves for his baby cousins... "Hi little guy. I love you. You're the cutest little horny toad. I love your little spikey's."  He loves to describe in detail what Silly does. "Momma, he moved his foot!" and "Momma, he blinked. I think that means he loves me!" Silly sits next to my little man on the mounds of dirt as Caler plays, Silly soaks up some rays. It's a match made in heaven. They're BFF's. For life. (I just hope Silly's lifespan is a little more than predicted.)

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