Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm a hot babe out jogging.....(this is a lie, I despise jogging!)

I'm out making sure this...stays a ten, when you drive by. You're checkin out my awesome headband, when.... oops (or Oopsie Daisies, in my case).

As much as I love this commercial, I don’t love the reminder that I’m lounging instead of making sure I stay…. Well, that I stay in shape enough to be able to chase my kidlets around.
I go through different phases when it comes to my outlook on working out… I can be super proactive about the importance of staying fit and I'll work out religiously. Then I can feel like I want to eat a gallon of cookie dough ice cream with Oreo’s and a giant Dr. Pepper in the gym parking lot.   

I ate a cheeseburger last night and as I took the first bite... the thought that popped into my head was not "Oh man, this is going to be amazing" it was, instead, " Oh man, this is going to go straight to my hips, I'll have to work out for three days to rid myself of how many calories are in this thing... I should just put it down. I can't eat this. I shouldn't eat this. Why am I eating this. I am going to regret this."

Guess what World? I didn't regret it. The cheeseburger was delicious.

I've decided I don't want to spend another second drooling over the pair of size 2 jeans I would have to starve myself  just to dream of fitting into. I will, instead, spend the time I've been given enjoying the curves I have, the curves that I happen to love.  I have spent too many hours worrying incessantly about what size I fit into or if I'll ever look as good as the girl across the street with the amazing stiletto's and legs that are as tall as skyscrapers and stick skinny.

I am not suggesting to throw away all vegetables only to replace them with Oreo's and deep fried Twinkies.

I sincerely believe in being healthy. My idea of being healthy though, most definitely includes loving myself the way I am.


  1. your such a cutie.. I have often more then often felt the same way- i want to wear a tag on myself and say.. i have had 6 pregnancies in 8 years.. i have been on infertility meds, i have had 2 surgeries for endometriosis, i have had a radical thymectomy.. i am trying to like myself and not give my daughters an image problem. i know what your saying, you so cute- but most of all your focus is on what's important; your boys- you are a great mom, love you..

  2. I happened to enjoy my cheeseburger too :) Thanks for always being such a good example and not stressing about the size of your pants.. an all too often hangup of most women!