Thursday, August 29, 2013

Babies and Gentlemen...

Photo courtesy of FotoFly

Gone are the days of chubby fingers and dimpled knuckles. Gone are the days of cribs and the mis-pronounced letter R.
My babies have grown into little gentlemen. They have grown into the 5th and 2nd grades. Are you kidding me right now?
And now we have sleepy mornings with grunts as they get out of their comfy beds. We have homework and ninja fights. We have Minecraft and “Kickin’ It”. We have “Momma, can you show me how to drive?” and “I’m not a baby anymore Momma.” We have bribed cuddles and shy dimples. We have “Momma, turn the radio down before you pull up to drop us off” and “Can I have a sleepover with my friends this weekend?”
We have the "beiber" hair swish and "peach fuzz" under armpits. We have "girlfriends" and iPad users. We have Michael Jackson lovers and movies under Teepee tents. We have ice-cream lovers and potato haters. We have... a tweenager and a big boy. 

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